Program Introduction

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Xue Xiangling, a girl from a rich family, takes with her a pouch full of treasures when getting married. On the day of her marriage, she is caught in a heavy rain, and meets in the Chunqiu Pavilion Zhao Shouzhen, a poor lady who is also getting married. Xue gives Zhao her pouch out of great sympathy. Six years later, Xue lost contact with her family in a flood. Having no place to live, Xue becomes a servant in the House of Lu. One day, when she is babysitting Lu's son, she sees her pouch on a table. Having learnt about what has happened to Xue, Zhao Shouzhen, now Lu`s wife and the recipient of the pouch, expresses great gratitude to Xue and with her help, Xue gets united with her family. Xue and Zhao become sworn friends.

Female Generals of the Yang Family

The story of Female Generals of the Yang Family is well-known to every household. It is from ancient Chinese historical fiction and tells the story of female generals of the Yang family safeguarding their homeland after most of the male members of the family were killed in a battle. During the reign of Emperor Renzong (1022-1063) in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the king of Xixia and his army invaded the border, and killed Marshal Yang Zongbao, who was in charge of guarding the frontier.

During that time the Yang House is filled with joy as the one hundred year-old widow She Taijun prepares for the celebration of the 50th birthday of her grandson, general Yang Zongbao, when the grievous news about his death reaches the family.

Yang’s grandmother, She Taijun, restrains her sadness and she persuades the emperor to allow her to lead the troops with her widowed granddaughter-in-laws and grandson, Yang Wenguang. Mu Guiying, Yang Wenguang’s mother and Yang Zongbao’s wife, has long held a grudge against the emperor. Persuaded by She Taijun and others, the patriotic Mu Guiying agrees to lead the army in battling invaders to defeat their enemy. After many trials and tribulations, they defeat the enemy and claim the final victory and return home gloriously.